My favorite unit!

10 May

Overall i did enjoy this class except for projects but it was better then having test and quizzes. My favorite unit was Why might your generation not live as long as your parents?. This was my favorite unit because it really proved why the age people are living took is slowly decreases. I also enjoyed the projects that were resented during this time. I thought that everyone had good solutions to fixing the obesity epidemic. In addition it helped me think about what i will teach my children when they grow up. I eat unhealthy ever day and his project did kind of change my mind just a little. People in our class including my group came up with some great reasons as to why people may not live as long as their grandparents.


Popular culture/ risky Behavior

10 May


Risky behavior in teens is not only done for attention but because of the popular culture out her in the world. The most popular thing i think is the music industry. Music can really change a person if teens aren’t careful. There is a song out that talks about popping molly’s and i here a lot of teens say i wanna try a molly. Every day i get on a social network there is always a quote coming from a rapper or singer. I think that this is important to remember when people talk about whether popular culture has a influence or not. I think that people teens listen to the music they kitten to they do it ti either fit in or feel cool. I think that music has a big drive on risky behavior.

Risky Behavior

10 May


Studies show that teens participate i risky behavior because they enjoy the after math and effects of the risky behavior. I can relate. some times i want to take risk just to see how my mom would respond. In addition teens do it for the excuse of Im young and i only live once. In class we have been reaching the reasons for why teens like too take risk and we did a survey and some teens do it just because they can. Its really hard to think of a true reason why i do because most of the time when I’m taking risk i don’t think about the effects on me afterwards.

1/3 Americans

10 May

It is a fact that 1/3 americans have an STD. The question is how do we as a country get to a place like that? I believe  1/3 americans have STD’s because people are not careful. People are not educated on how people get STD’s. In addition you find that men and women are not honest with their partners. When partners are not honest with each other that causes  stranger to carry STD’s and spread them. There are several ways to prevent people from getting STD’s people just just not to use them. A lot of times people like to say that they are not educated on Protected sex but i don’t believe that is true. There is always a condom commercial on T.v Which means people shouldn’t have any excuses. America get to this point because there are selfish, lazy, and crazy in the world who think they maybe safe but are not.

Kids and Guns

6 May

In the last year or so we have had a lot of massive shooting in the United States Of America. We see that most of the time the people leading these massive shooting are diagnosed with some mental illness. While i was on i came across a wonderful article. This article  is about Kids and guns and how play ground injury rates are decreasing. The weird thing that is increasing is children injury rates do to guns. This is becoming surprising and this means that America needs to work on some Gun laws whether its taking away the rights of citizens or not. The United States need to worry about the public health of the people. This article talks about researchers were researching about the injury rates on a playground but end up shifting their research project to children with Gun injuries. Guns should not be in the hands of children and children should not be aware that there is a gun in the house. If you have watched the news there has been a lot of stories about kids bringing guns to school. This is another reason for gun related injuries among little children. This article encourages that America need to do better in promoting Better Gun Control.


6 May

This unit cover a wide range of different diseases. I learned that Gonorrhea and chlamydia are the most common diseases. Also I have realized that a lot of people my age are not educated on the consequences of having unprotected sex. The reason as to why people are not educated on this is because sex ed classes only teach about sex and encourage young people not to have sex. In this unit you learn how crazy the statistics are about women who have a disease and go days with out finding out that they have it. The crazy thing is the parents who do not want their children learning about sex. I think it is important that sex education in North carolina be improved. I think improving  the sex education classes will help prevent STD’s in north carolina.  We were assigned PSA’s to create the most important message I believe we need to continue to send is that people need to get educated on the sexually transmitted diseases out here. Another important thing for people to consider is that it is important that if you think  you are infected with a disease you should let your partner or multiple partners know.


18 Apr

In american people seem to have little  knowledge on STD’s. The things that people should know is STD are transmitted through sexual intercourse. Most people think that you can get STD’s through kissing. So i think it is important for people to know the symptoms. People need to know what the common STD. What people should know about HIV/AIDS Is that it takes 5 years to develop and be noticed. So since HIV/AIDS takes a while people show always be checked when your are sexually active. AIDS is a common STD that people should be aware of.